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Stepless Variator Head with Motor Combination in Dongguan,China

Stepless Variator Head with Motor Combination in Dongguan,China
Product Detailed

1.Small size &easy installation;
2 Flexible using, extensive;
3.Low noise,durable of using
4.Safe & environmental

Mainly by the compaction of active wheel device, the transmission mechanism, polishing speed regulation control mechanism composition.
1.high strength: in add impact negative planted or machine, the machine reversal reliable performance and can accurately rotation, no both recoil.
2.variable speed range: variable speed range for 5, namely tachometer output can be in 1:1. J j between 25 and 45 to any change.
3. speed high precision: speed precision for 0.5-1 turn.
4. stable performance: the machine is the transmission parts are passed through a special heat treatment, precision machining parts, good lubrication of polishing, smooth operation, low noise and long life.
5.Coaxial structure: input shaft, output shaft whetherisolated rotation, small volume, light weight.
6. Combination ability: this machine can be exchanged with various types deceleration unit close, realizing low speed, big twist compasses change-up effect, has good adaptability.
7. In the load permitted conditions, the setting of the rotating speed is constant,
8. All confidential sealing, can be applied to damp, dusty, with mild corrosive working environment.


Technical parameters:
Reactive rate: 0.18 KW ~ 7.5 KW
Torque: 1.5 Nm ~ 2062Nm


Variable speed range:
1, basic: 200-1000r/min
2, velocity-varied machine belt level gear reducer (I = 2.5-5) : 40-200r/min
3, velocity-varied machine belt secondary gear reducer (I = 7.1-25) : 8-140r/min
4, velocity-varied machine belt level 3 gear reducer (I = 42-100) : 2-23.5 r/min


MB speed variator part type:
MB02, MB04, MB07, MB15, MB22, MB40, MB55, MB75


MB speed variator lubricating and replacement:

1, MB transmission gearbox, please choose (Ub - 1) or (Ub - 3) special traction oil, oil level cannot under oil marking the centerline. The first phase of work in 500 hours after the replacement,
Second job 1000 hours after the replacement once, after every 2000 changed during once, in work bad circumstances should shorten replacement period.
2, MB transmission gearbox and the X3 type once of cycloid gear choose molybdenum disulfide grease or lithium base grease lubrication. General working at 12 months

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