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Dry Single-Plate Clutch booster

Dry Single-Plate Clutch booster
Product Detailed

Clutch booster
1.Widely applied to machine tools, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making

Clutch booster

TJ-A Dry Single-Plate Magnetic Clutch and brake for industry,Fixed-Cylinder


1.clutch system without slip ring dry, electricity-work, non-rotating coil, a vice-friction, compact, torque delivery, rapid response, no load loss.

2.Apply high-frequency mechanical action of the drive system can be part of the initiative to make the operation of the driven part of the initiative and part of the on-off, fixed-inch, speed, is a reversal, overload protection, the realization of torque transmission and control campaigns such as the role.


3.Application:Widely applied to machine tools, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, packaging, construction, shipbuilding, light industrial and office machinery, such as in transmission.

4.Features: The type of electromagnetic clutch belong to a single dry clutch, it did not no-load torque, connected and disconnected a short period of time, long service life, performance and stability, and compact, easy to install maintenance, a variety of mechanical drive system is in Idealized implementation of the components.




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