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TJ-POD Axial Magnetic Powder Solenoid brake

TJ-POD Axial Magnetic Powder Solenoid brake
Product Detailed

1With a radiator
2excellent heat resistance
3continuous sliding operation.
4No pollution,no noise,no shock
5.1 year warranty


 TJ-POD Axial Magnetic powder-type solenddoid brake  


Magnetic brake is based on electromagnetic theory and the use of magnetic torque transmission. Its exciting current and transmission of torque with a linear relationship between the basic features. Has nothing to do with the slip case to pass a certain torque, with fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration energy-saving advantages. Is a multi-purpose, superior performance, the automatic control devices. Is now widely used in papermaking, printing, plastics, rubber, textile, printing, wire and cable, metallurgy, tablet machines, as well as other related processing industries in the release take-up volume and winding tension control. Magnetic brake is also often used to drive mechanical dynamometer load and braking and so on.


Printing machinery, paper industry machinery, bag-making machinery, paper-making machinery, wire and cable machinery, coil machinery, wire machinery, strapping bag machinery, textile machinery, weaving-dimensional machinery, woodworking machinery, test equipment, analog load use, the kinds of mechanical precision tension controlling, general industrial equipment, other general industrial machinery.


Magnetic Particle Brake Characteristics


1, you can easily carry out a wide range of control.
2, can achieve a continuous sliding operation.
3, can be stable torque.
4, no tweet sound. Action surface stick-slip phenomenon occurred in the friction mode, but this does not appear, and will not send links to sound, so very quiet operation.
5, heat capacity greatly. Excellent heat resistance due to the use and application of the ideal of the magnetic cooling method, even if the slide is too harsh a continuous operation, and ease to use.
6, can achieve continuous and smooth-driven state. As the coefficient of static friction and dynamic friction coefficient is almost the same, so a link is not completely a shock, they could be the load plus or minus the speed.








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